RootSURE Electrolysis

[ permanent hair removal ]

The "Gold Standard" in hair removal

since 1875

Electrolysis has been around for over 140 years and is still the only proven method of 100% permanent hair removal.  Long-time approved by the FDA, it is the only process that is universally and medically documented and accepted.   Electrolysis can be done almost any area of the body (with just a couple exceptions) and is safe and effective for all hair colors and skin tones (including white, grey, blonde and red hair).   

The Treatment Room

Professional Clinical Atmosphere

Fully compliant with our local Health Authority standards.  Using the highest level of mandatory sterilization and disinfection for all instruments, working surfaces and treatment area.   Including seperate hand-wash and instrument cleaning sinks.

Microscope Electrology

Optimal Vision Enhancement 

The ultra-high powered magnification from the Seiler surgical microscope is a key component in the treatment process.  As an exceptional vision aid (which commonly used magnification lamps and head loupes cannot meet); it provides the highest visibility of the hair follicle(s), including even the finest of blonde and white hairs.  With enhanced vision, increased treatment accuracy and results are also achieved.

Alisa Berntsen

Certified Electrologist

Graduate of Swanson's Canadian  Institue of Electrolysis.

As well as a member in good standing with The Canadian Organization of Professional Electrologists (COPE)

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